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Heantos is a combination of 13 organic Vietnamese herbs used to detox and eliminate cravings from opiates, methadone, and cocaine.

What we do

We are addiction experts with over 20 years experience in the recovery field. With Heantos, we are now able to help people detox and eliminate cravings from opioids including methadone, and cocaine safely, affordably, and gently in the comfort of one’s home.

Until recently, if you were fortunate enough to hear about Heantos, you had to fly to Vietnam to get it. For decades, we watched Vietnamese doctors refine Heantos’ medicinal properties and heal thousands in the East. We are ecstatic to finally bring Heantos to the United States and distribute it throughout the world.

Research by Johns Hopkins University, Essen University in Germany, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and the University of British Columbia have proven Heantos is safe and effective.


Heantos is a Vietnamese traditional medication derived from 13 plants and herbs for drug addiction. It was created in the 1980s by Dr. Tran Khuong Dan (Dr. Dan), a Vietnamese physician whose father and brother were addicted to opiates.

For decades, Heantos has been freeing people from a significant amount of withdrawal symptoms in treatment Vietnam villages. It’s capsules gently end dependency from opioids, and cocaine within 5-10 days and the cost is affordable by any standard. It has no side effects and does NOT create dependency such as other opioid maintenance drugs like methadone and buprenorphine.

Heantos is so safe, effective, & affordable, it can be taken in the comfort of home.

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